illustration of terminal on 2019/12/28 Setup as of 2019/12/28; W.I.P. dots can be found HERE

illustration of terminal on 2019/10/28 Initial Setup on 2019/10/28 (Vim, Tmux)

My journey to Vim is rather a slowly one: about a week’s worth of coding on side project to get the hang of it, enable Vim mode in VS Code for about a month to get use to the flow (with arrow keys from time to time…), and, onward to tinkering with config of terminal and Vim to get it a more IDE-like feel.

The current setup, on 2019/10/28, after tinkering with config file with a myriad of boilerplates for 2 days, is in the following:

For Terminal:

For Vim (See below for update):




  • Vim:
    • airblade/vim-gitgutter - tuned and custom-mapped key for hunk preview mode
    • preservim/nerdcommenter - making commenting a lot easier
    • Ignore *~/*.swp/*.swo files that vim generates globally (settings put under ~/home/.gitignore)
  • Tmux:
    • Enable mouse mode for scrolling/pane-resizing/etc inside Tmux